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RAUSHI (sounds like “RUSH-HIGH)” front woman, Dani Raushi, is living, breathing, singing proof that when fueled by the formidable flame of focused passion and an un forfeiting work ethic, a dream seed spark can and will erupt into a tangible reality.
For RAUSHI, music is a poetic tool with the capacity to take the negative energies that often surround life’s mentally and emotionally challenging situations, which in the case of the new album “HIGH TIDES COLLIDE”, involve inescapable desire and overwhelming betrayal, and transform them into positive release. With a lyrical flow of clever puns, the album unapologetically exposes over-consumption driven by ones experiences when placed in the volatile frameworks of consuming love as a result of human nature.

After three and a half years writing, living together, recording and all hardships that occurred, with their tenacious hard work, the LA based band finished recording their 11 song album at NRG Studios with the help of their mentor: multi-platinum producer/mixer, Jay Baumgardner and engineer Kyle Hoffman. Dani, the undeniable leader of the pack who donates her last name as the band’s title, was supported by the instrumental styling’s of Robert King Geiser (April Six) Joey Hollearn (The Prom Kings) and Matt Conley (Die Trying). Additional accompaniment was added to the album by special guests Ben Moody who composed strings on acoustic songs, “He’s Trying To Save Me” and “This Time,” bassist(s) Doug Ardito, of Puddle of Mudd, guitarist Shaun Morgan of Seether, jumped in on the song “Mistakes”. Last but not least, Jay Gordon, of Orgy who also co-wrote and produced the album along with Jared Scott during the production at the bands Hollywood home studio. All wrapped up by Howie Weinberg, World renowned mastering engineer.
The average listener will have no problem grasping the surface messages of each song on an individual level. Using choruses that are snappy and to the point like a quick punch in the face, the group interlaces their form of therapeutic poetry in a way that is catchy, fun and easily relatable. However, with respect to the composition as a whole, it will take a more fine tuned listener to decipher the true complexity of the reality that is building slowly under the radar as the album progresses.
With their ‘Take no shit’ attitude and songs that say ‘Fuck You’ to being mistreated, fooled, taken for granted or all of the above just because you love someone, RAUSHI is a testament to the power of one’s will.

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