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Tiananmen is a Guatemalan band conformed by Luis Fernando Rojas (guitars), Sergio “el Tula” Solares (base) and Juan Carlos Rojas (synthesizers and vocals). We are a musical trio whose style of music is a mix of new wave, indie, electronic and rock. We have been working together since 1992. Currently we have released our newest album “Emisor”, with three singles in our local radio and with videos playing not only in Guatemala, but also worldwide. Our singles are “There’s something wrong”, “You let me die”, and “Sick”. Our music comes from deep within our soul, we have fun making it and we always try to innovate, creating different music. Our first album was “Mu” way back in 1994, then we had an EP called “Dios salve La Reina” in 1998″, a second EP called “TouchĂ©” in 2011 and our newest album “Emisor” in 2013.
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