With a well-received gig at the Isle of Wight festival under their belts already this year, 2014 is set to be a big year for The Novatones as they look forward to the release of their new EP Sunday Romance this September 20th. Their sound, an indie-rock blend that has something of The Clash about it, has already won people over in their earlier releases and anticipation seems to be high for this latest follow up.
New music from the release is scant so far, but if this video for previous single Living for the Weekend is anything to go by, this is a band who know how to have fun and it comes across in both the clip and their songs:

But don’t let that make you think they’re a one dimensional band – their more contemplative track ‘Avenue Road’ shows a different side to this band from the South Coast of the UK, and another reason to look forward to the EP:

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