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As you may have heard… MuzicNotez has partnered up with The Emerging Talent Agency (View release Here). We did this to help further promote some of the most talented new music to the music scene. MuzicNotez is one of the premiere sites for locating new talent, and we are a fresh new talent agency known for finding that talent. We’ve been given multiple ways to promote our finds, such as our new radio displayed below, our new profile, magazine category, promo throughout the whole site and more! Here’s our first magazine release of many of our favorite MuzicNotez talent!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

One of the many ways The Emerging Talent Agency and MuzicNotez has teamed up to promote some of the best new talent onto the indie music scene is through our Emerging Artists Radio. We feature this radio throughout MuzicNotez online, and you can also view it on your mobile devices @ This station will be continuously updated with brand new music that you probably wouldn’t of heard anywhere else but through us, so enjoy… and spread the word!

FEATURED VIDEO: Shout Out by T-Man

Hottest Tracks

Gone Astray
by David James

Listen Here!

Enjoy The Ride
by Roll Out The Guns

Listen Here!

Swag So Cold
by P.U.N.

Listen Here!

Beauty Queen
by The Black Saints

Listen Here!

Want The Emerging Talent Agency to check you out and review you to be in these magazine issues and/or in our Emerging Artists Radio? Contact us on our MuzicNotez profile or send us an email to

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