October 2010

October, 2010 Update
Another great month!
We’ve finalized the deal with the Online Recording Masters to give all our members a 20% discount on professional studio mastering! Just contact us for info on that, also we’ve added the new collaboration feature, Magazine section with new interviews, and we have some MuzicNotez Battles news!

David James

More From David James
For being MuzicNotez first LEGEND!!! David James has achieved the highest ranking possible in the world of MuzicNotez and is simply “Legendary”. Check out all his music that has made this man a legend. David James isn’t just another rapper, he does it all, using his creativity to combine all genre’s of music into some killer tracks. With his track Ride With Me featuring “Trump Savagehe’s also just won the Rap and Hip Hop Battle here on MuzicNotez!
215 – ROCK!

More From 215

For winning the first round of the MuzicNotez Battles – ROCK!!! They’ve won this round with there hit song “Static To Bleed” By winning this round they have advanced to the Championship round of the Battles and won more free promotion!

  What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

Well first off is our new affiliation with the Online Recording Masters to give you all a 20% discount on professional mastering of your audios for cheap!

12 After
Black Metal Box

Secondly up now in the MuzicNotez Battles is round #3 – METAL!!! This round features two of the hottest new metal bands in the scene today, 12 After VS. Black Metal Box! Both of these bands are on the verge of huge things and just got done playing the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase together in Florida in front of high class record executives. 12 After has been voted the best band in central Pennsylvania, as well as won countless other battles recently. Black Metal Box has just won an award for “Breakthrough Album of the Year” from the Phoenix Music Awards in Hollywood. Show some love and vote for your favorite to win this round of the MuzicNotez Battles!

Lastly…our new magazine section where you’ll find all our latest news and newest features highlighted. As well as our various new interviews with our Garage Band and higher ranking members! Check it out!

New Collaboration Feature!
MuzicNotez is happy to release our collaboration box. A lot of music has been created through MNotez from our amazing members collaborations, so we figured we would help out and allow everybody to display there want to collaborate to easier find other artists to collaborate with. Simply go into your “Edit Profile” area and click “Yes” under collaboration, make sure you have a status and you’ll appear in this new collaboration box. Also with this your profile will have the “Collaboration?” tab stamped on for all to see you’re interested in working with others.
Check out the most resent collaborations with
John Reid
My Only Fear – Trump Savage
Role Model – David James


Trump Savage
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

John Reid
Genre: Experimental

Genre: Experimental

by Glenview Lane

Listen Here!

Listen Up Ft. Rollie Fingaz
by Young Roach

Listen Here!

See me when i’m out…
by Willie Humbles

Listen Here!

by Flostorm

Listen Here!

The Apostate
by Dawn Draws Near

Listen Here!

by Pain And MuZiK

Listen Here!
Make Your Note,
September’s Winner!

Lou Barrett
Genre: Rock & Pop

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