October 2012

October, 2012 Update

Jahmings Maccow – Reggae

Singer, song writer and producer, Jahmings Maccow, better known as “Jahmings” is back in the recording studios again making melodious music, after being on a seventeen months hiatus at his beautiful Kangaroo Hills Ranch, in California from recording and touring. Check out Horizon Train

The Reggae Rock Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter, Jahmings said it was rest that was well needed and now he is set and ready to start recording his “Third Album” to be released on the “Letmegoo Record Label”. After speaking with “Jahmings”, in preparation for this upcoming project he said “the recordings for this album are very special to him, and it will take him to two different Continents, the Caribbean and also Jamaica”.

The Rap Battle Is Under Way!

The 1st battle of our competition is complete, Congrats to Uncle Balzak on the win! Next up is our rap round featuring HiPost, David James, Pillzbury, Young X, P.U.N. and Young Roach. The battle will last 2 weeks where everybody gets 10 votes per day to vote for their favorite to win the $400 GRAND PRIZE. VOTE NOW >>

This Time Around by The Koniac Net

Uncle Balzak
Genre: Rock

Lo Cutz Records
Genre: Rap & Hip Hop

Genre: Metal

Dead Modern Villains
Genre: Rock

Feels Good

Listen Here!

In Your Eyes
by X-Change/Good Money

Listen Here!

Mad Love
by Candy Machine Guns

Listen Here!

Sin and Stone
by Sin and Stone

Listen Here!

If You’re Listening
by Hundos

Listen Here!

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