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MuzicNotez Interviews give you an inside look to how indie musicians think and feel, and an opportunity to learn more about them. Learn how a band came up with their name or formed. What inspires artists to create their music and how they go about creating their music. Learn more about the MuzicNotez Crew in our own interview with IMP.

If you would like to be interviewed by the MuzicNotez Crew, take out the featured interview pack to the right, we also do free interviews with our active members.
(Caution: These interviews are unedited and may contain mature language or situations)

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Featured Band Interviews

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Our Judgment


View interview here >>

Black Metal Box


View interview here >>

Blackhoody Fam


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Featured Artist Interviews

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Amerikas Addiction


View interview here >>

Justin Wellington


View interview here >>

Mathew Haeffel


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